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Singer & Songwriter

Creator of the Evoking Home interview series.

Founder of eclipse concerts, presenting stand-out shows in good spaces.

(Currently on hiatus). 


Before the Walls Fell (EP, Official Print) available at live shows - hand to hand. 

Born on Vancouver Island, Canada's west coast, where rainforest meets the ocean, Andrea grew up amongst bears, whales and ancient cedars, before her life split across continents. 


It is perhaps a result of her formative years rooted in expansive wilderness, that people have said they can “feel the space” in her songs.  Nature - branches, rock, earth and water - weaves its way through her work.  The heart at its rawest as well. 


Her visceral, poetic songwriting, her voicing straight from the marrow, and the palpable sense of connection felt at her live shows highlight Andrea’s work as an artist.

After two decades of playing her songs almost exclusively solo, this past year has seen Andrea join forces with Andy Hidber (bass/guitars) and Giacun Schmid (drums/guitars) who also happen to be the luthier dream team from the Guitar Barn.  In the cocoon of that space, surrounded by a myriad of stunningly handcrafted guitars, the three of them have been exploring the songs together, weaving them new nests, furs and feathers. 

From these sessions, the band project SAMBORSKI was born.


"...a magnificent songwriter and live act..."
"...eine großartige Liederschreiberin und Live-Performerin..." 

 - Stefan Franzen, Music Journalist, Germany

"...An ethereal force that moves walls, that allows and holds space for vulnerability.  A voice like a warm bed in a wild garden..."
 "...Eine ätherische Wucht, die Wände verschiebt, die Schwäche erlaubt und auffangt.  Eine Stimme wie ein warmes Bett im wilden Garten..."

- Carmen Stadler, Filmmaker, Switzerland

"...a singer-songwriter of high quality...with an outstanding flair for
dark and intimate songs.  These bear testimony not only to exceptional storytelling,  but also prove Samborski effortlessly understands how to touch through her body of work."
 "...eine Singer/Songwriterin von hoher Qualitä einem ausgesprochenen Flair für ebenso dunkle wie intime Songs. Diese zeugen nicht nur von grosser Erzählkunst, sondern auch davon, dass es Samborski mühelos versteht, mit ihrem Liedgut zu berühren."

- Michael Gasser, Music Journalist, Switzerland

"Andrea Samborski quickly establishes an intimate connection with
the audience that singer-songwriters all aspire to - but few attain...she stands
in that very top bracket that makes a booker look like a genius..."

 - John Pippus, Talent Booker, Vancouver, Canada

“ artist and musician through and through..."
"...eine Künstlerin und Musikerin durch und durch..."

 - Beda Senn, Tonangeber & Kulturator /

Leiter der Musikberatung im Schweizer Fernsehen

Head of Music Consulting, Swiss Television

“Those who have had the pleasure of discovering Andrea Samborski's slim complete works or seeing one of her live shows, always wished for more of this.  Unfortunately, the Canadian-born, Basler-by-choice was - until now - too busy with other people's music, as co-curator of the former Parterre music venue...
Andrea's voice is pure and clear - a direct path into people's hearts, as is her captivating presence...One hopes to hear more from her."
“Wer das Vegnügen hatte, auf Andrea Samborskis schmales Gesamtwerk zu stossen oder einen ihrer Auftritte zu sehen, wünschte sich immer mehr davon. Leider war die gebürtige Kanadierin und Wahl-Baslerin als Co-Programmatorin des Klubs «Parterre» (vor dem Umbau zu «Parterre One») bisher zu stark mit anderer Leute Musik beschäftigt....Andreas Stimme ist pur und klar, ein direkter Weg in die Herzen der Menschen, wie auch ihre einnehmende Persönlichkeit...
Man wünschte sich, mehr von ihr zu hören.”

- Eric Facon, Kulturredaktor, SRF / 

Cultural Editor, Swiss Radio and Television, Switzerland
“...So much charisma. Authenticity. Warmth.”

 - Roli Frei, Singer-Songwriter, Switzerland

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