Live Dates


AUG 21, 2022, 6pm (sharp!)

SERENADE* im Burghof

(Courtyard of Burg Castle)

With Andy Hidber & Giacun Schmid

Burg im Leimental, Switzerland

*Each year the community of Burg im Leimental presents one concert in Burg Castle's courtyard (or chapel, should rain choose to visit) for their annual SERENADE and gifts it to the public in a tradition spanning over 40 years.

I'm delighted to be invited as this year's artist, and even more happy to be coming with two beautiful musicians: 

Andy Hidber & Giacun Schmid.  Together we've been weaving new nests, furs and feathers for some of my longstanding solo songs!

This evening will be a snapshot of Something In The Process Of Becoming.

Everyone is welcome and no ticket reservations are necessary. (Please note: Refreshments are offered only in the break and after the show; so if you’d enjoy sipping something before/during the first set, do bring it along.)

Looking forward to seeing you there! 


October 17th, 2021


Hello People!

Hope you're flourishing. 

Let the concerts (re-)begin!

Very happy to be going live with you in flesh & blood again after these past many months of UniqueTimes, and soon playing for you:

- on an underground lake in a cave 

- in an ironworks from 1910

- in a brilliant sculptor's studio in France

- in the wine cellar of a castle overlooking its vineyards

- in the courtyard of a castle on a very narrow cliff

Here we go getting back on the road - yay!

See you somewhere. Looking forward. 

A x


February 8th, 2021

Dear People,

Eight months later, we find ourselves again in a form of lockdown in Switzerland.  Concert projects still on hold. 

(The next live dates are being planned for October 2021).


In the meantime, here's a little something recorded for you in my kitchen just last night.  Fourteen Days.  (A number many are dealing with these days.) 


Hope you're all faring well out there. 

I look forward to seeing you in person - and riding a ferry again sometime.  Until then, warmth to you from landlockedness.

A x


June 11th, 2020

Dear People,

As the globe navigates VirusTimes, concert projects are on hold.  But other projects are not!  Looking forward to seeing you down the road with fresh songs.  In the meantime:  Go gently - with yourselves and each other.


A x

P.S. Here's one from lockdown for you (with no one around but me to record me - first time trying that).



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Fri. 2. Sept. 2016

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Concert/Exhibit with Peter Katz (CAN)

& visual artist Madelon de Maa (HOL)

Genossenschaft Grenze

Basel, Switzerland

Fri. 26. August. 2016 

Musig i de Altstadt


Aarau, Switzerland 


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